Saltburn, Marske, New Marske Parish Council

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A decision has been made that the use of sprinklers will be banned on all allotments

The Council employs a parish warden who maintains the Council's property including allotments, playing fields, playgrounds, seats and fencing and help with Saltburn, Marske and New Marske 'in Bloom' projects.

With the Borough Council's permission, the warden also helps with strimming public rights of way and removing graffiti.

The warden is based in premises at Saltburn Cricket Field. Any jobs requiring the wardens' attention should be reported to the Clerk of the Council.

The warden has recently carried out the following jobs:

New Marske

  • Picked up litter and weeded the side of the main fence

 Zetland Hotel, Marske

  • Strimmed footpath through the allotments and around the site

Woodford Close, Marske

  • Sandstone blocks placed on the grassed area to discourage cars driving across it
  • Cleared rubbish away from the beck area
  • Strimmed and tidied the car park area
  • Filled the potholes in the gate area - this is a constant job because of the high volume of traffic
  • Keeping an eye on the empty plots (due to waiting list being cleared)

 Fox Covert, Marske

  • Weeding and litter picking is a priority in this area as it is well used by walkers
  • Vermin control
  • Picked up the litter in area adjacent to the woods
  • Strimmed vacant plots - due to the waiting list being cleared

 Hazel Grove, Saltburn

  • Strimmed the main path and the lanes - ongiong
  • The main path is regularly maintained as it is constantly used by walkers and bikers
  • Litterpicking on main path and lanes - ongoing
  • Cut back hedges to prevent damage to people and vehicles - ongoing
  • Carried out repairs to taps
  • Cleared plots to enable them to be re-let
  • Litterpicked wildlife garden and general tidy up

 Zetland Terrace, Saltburn

  • Visual presence on site - no problems reported


  • Note - as the grassed areas on all sites are better managed less litter is dropped and there appears to be less dog fouling
  • Inspected vacant plots and tidied as appropriate to enable reletting 
  • Supervised installation of new roundabout at Marske playground
  • Installed new picnic benches at Marske playground
  • Checking on all plots and reporting very untidy ones to the office
  • Tested hanging basket brackets for Saltburn In Bloom
  • Daily checks at the play area
  • Strimming and litterpicking on Marske Recreation Ground
  • Clearing the shrub beds on Marske Recreation Ground


Partnership Work

  • Litter picked boat area - Marske
  • Fortnightly maintenance at Marske Valley Gardens
  • Fortnightly maintenance at Saltburn Valley Gardens including strimming near the spa stone
  • Maintenance at picnic area on Marine Parade, Saltburn including grass cutting and strimming
  • Cleared the walkway at the rear of Cliff House to the Valley Gardens in Marske of sand and litter and strimmed the whole pathway
  • Maintained the walkway at the side of St Germain’s Churchyard and Headland and strimmed the path
  • Litterpicked tarmac path to the beach at St Germain’s
  • Maintained the path from Chapel Close to the Co-op in Marske



Tide Times

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