Allotments Update


Please be aware this may change due to rapidly changing guidance and instructions from the Government.


Please see the link below from The National Allotment Association.


If any of the above changes, further updates will be shown here


NAAS Guidance


Any resident of the Parish wishing to rent an allotment is requested to contact the Clerk to the Council for an application form, or complete the form on this website, and return it to our office. All allotment tenants are provided with a Rule Book, which provides details of cultivation rules, rules regarding sheds and livestock, etc.  Evidence will need to be provided to confirm residency within the Parish.

Annual Inspections

Inspections of plots are carried out throughout the year.  Details of the next Council/Allotment Association will be shown here as soon as details are confirmed.


If you are interested in having an allotment on any of our sites please contact the office or complete a form attached below.  We currently have long waiting lists but any resident with their name on the list will be contacted when their name gets to the top of the list.  Please ensure we are kept up to date with contact details.

Joe Abrahams Competition

No competition was held in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Details of the 2021 competition will be shown here as soon as arrangements are made.



Amendments to Rule Book

December 2017:

Proof of identity must be provided: Photo ID (ie driving license or passport) and proof of address (ie recent bill - not more than three months old)

April 2018:

Any new tenant taking on a plot from 1st April 2018 will be required to terminate their tenancy if they move out of the Parish.  They will have to leave within 12 months of moving.

Any device which emits smoke is barred including chimineas, stoves and barbecues.  Appliances with smokeless fuel are allowed.

June 2018:

Privacy Statement added

July 2018:

The use of sprinklers will be banned on all allotments.

July 2019:

Overnight stays are not permitted

September 2019:

An improvement is expected on an allotment within 6 weeks of commencement of the tenancy

Following the death of a tenant, the plot can be transferred to a member of the family, as long as they reside in the Parish, if they have recently worked on the plot

December 2019:

Tenants are not permitted to keep livestock until they have held a plot for more than a year

Pigs are not permitted on any allotment

A limit to the number of hens (6 in second year, 12 thereafter if approved by Council)

October 2020:

If oversized buildings are removed, new buildings erected should adhere to the sizes as stipulated in the Rule Book